Architecture 3D Matel Model Kits
Architecture 3D Matel Model Kits
Architecture 3D Matel Model Kits
Architecture 3D Matel Model Kits
Architecture 3D Matel Model Kits

Architecture 3D Matel Model Kits

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Transform a metal sheet into a 3D model

Metal Works are amazing miniature 3D models that are made from sheets of laser cut metal.

Simply pop out the pieces, perform a bit of (sometimes intricate) folding, and voilà! Flat metal is turned into the Eiffel Tower, the Titanic, a Ferris Wheel, or one of many other engineering feats.

Create complex 3D models from laser cut metal sheets.
Turn flat sheets of metal into amazing miniatures with Metal Works.

Grand detail on a small scale

Most Metal Works 3D Sculptures can easily fit in the palm of your hand, yet feature an impressive level of detail as well as textural design and etching. The laser cutting process allows for intense precision even at a small scale.

Metal Works 3D Models feature incredible detailing.
Metal Works 3D Sculptures boast impressive details despite their small stature.

No specialized tools, screws, or glue required!

Metal Works require only your hands (and perhaps a pair of pliers to make things a tad easier) for assembly.

The entire model is contained within one (or more) four-inch square sheets of laser-etched steel. A set of instructions guides you, step-by-step, through the process of building your model.

Half the enjoyment of Metal Works Models is building them yourself.
Simply pop out the pieces and follow the included instructions to create your 3D metal sculpture.

Cool decorations & conversation pieces

Not only are Metal Works fun to build, they're great decor items. Keep them on your desk, bookcase, or nightstand. Although made from a thin sheet of metal, they are very durable.

Metal Works 3D Laser Cut Models are awesome decorations for the home or office.
P-51 Mustang and Titanic Metal WorksEiffel Tower and Huey Helicopter Metal WorksSteam Locomotive and Ferris Wheel Metal Works.Fokker D-VII and Black Pearl Pirate Ship Metal Works.

Choose from a wide variety of Metal Works 3D Models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do the moving parts such as propellers, pistons, and wheels actually move?

Answer: No, all of the objects are stationary.

Question: Are the edges sharp?

Answer: The edges have been laser-cut and are not sharp. They can be assembled with your bare hands!

Question: Is the finished model really fragile?

Answer: Despite their small size, Metal Works models are sturdy and durable. Can they survive being stepped on? Probably not. Can they survive a tumble off your desk? Yes.

Question: How difficult is it to bend the pieces?

Answer: Bending and fitting the pieces together does not require any special tools. You can do it with your hands. However, a pair of needle nose pliers can make some of the work a bit easier.